Drive through South Jersey and you’ll quickly realize the 2nd Amendment is important, duck boats in many driveways and several sportsman and gun clubs can be seen traveling through the 2nd congressional district. Like many in our area, I am a gun owner. I am a member of the NRA and ardent supporter of the 2nd Amendment. As a member of the Assembly I fought and voted against policies that chip away at our 2nd Amendment rights, I’ll do the same as a member of congress.


It’s no secret, Democrats hate President Trump. Democrats have one agenda, oppose the President no matter what. They are wrong! The fact is President Trump’s policies are working, unemployment is low, the GOP tax plan passed and the rollback of Obama-era regulations led to economic growth. I will not be one of those Republicans who are afraid to stand with President Trump simply because some liberals and the press don’t like his personality.


Good fences make good neighbors. A border “wall” doesn’t mean a giant wall will be built along our southern border. In some places there will be a wall, in other locations fencing and finally technology is used in some locations. I support stronger border security because, contrary to the opinion of those on the political left, not every person sneaking across the border is coming for good reasons.


Thanks to President Trump the individual mandate has been repealed, now it’s time for Republicans to do what we promised and completely repeal Obamacare. What we must remember is the issue is healthcare not health insurance because health insurance means nothing if one cannot afford the premiums or see a doctor. It’s time to get the government out of the health insurance business and unleash the power of the free market allowing folks to buy their insurance across state lines and pay for only the insurance they need.